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Gold Prices Drop Again as Comex Specs Go Record Short, Trump-China Trade Wrangling Worsens

Gold Prices Rise as Dollar Set for Biggest Weekly Loss in 5 Months before Jackson Hole Symposium, Further Upside Potential for Gold, Says WGC

Gold Prices Gain Despite Strong Dollar Ahead of Planned US-China Trade Talks

Dollar Up, Gold Prices Down for Longest Run in 24 Years as Comex Bear Betting Hits New Record

Record Bearish Bets Hit Gold Prices Ahead of Japan, Fed + UK Interest Rate Votes

Gold Price Steadies Near 1-Year Low as Trump Turns On Iran After the Dollar, Comex Specs Turn Bearish

Gold Prices 'Close to Bottom' as China GDP Slows, Trump Meets Putin, Comex Bulls Vanish

Gold Prices Near 2-Week High as Pound Rallies Amid UK Brexit Resignation 'Sideshow'

Platinum Near 10-Year Euro Low as Gold Prices Fall Amid Latest 'Trade War' Shots

Gold Prices Slip as Stocks Fall, EU and China Attack Trump's 'Protectionism', Yuan Erases End-2017 Gains on $140Bn Banking Aid

Gold Prices Hold 6-Month Low as China-US Trade War Deepens, Silver Betting Jumps

Gold Prices Slip, Silver at 7-Week High as Trump Follows G7 'Walkout' with Kim Summit

Gold Prices May 'Test $1250' as Dollar Rises, Crude Oil Gains on US/China Trade War 'Truce'

Gold Prices Flat vs Falling Dollar Amid Jerusalem Violence, Brexit Wrangling, Italy Confusion

2018 Gold Price 'Could Hit $1450'

Gold and Silver Prices Fall Amid Ongoing US-China Trade Dispute, Bearish Betting on Silver Reach Record Highs

Gold and Silver Jump, Burning Comex Shorts as Dollar Falls, Stocks Bounce Amid US-China 'Trade War' Detente

Putin Landslide and Brexit 'Deal' Sees Gold Price in GBP Hit 3-Month Low Ahead of US Fed and BoE Rate Decisions

Gold Prices Fall, Silver Spec's Still Bearish as Attention Turns to the Fed

Silver Hit by Heaviest Bearish Betting in 15 Years, Gold Prices Unmoved by Italy's 'Messy' Election

Gold Prices Rally from Hard Drop Ahead of US Inflation Data and New Fed Chief Speech

Comex Silver Speculators Turn Net Bearish, Gold Prices Steady as Russia, Turkey Warn US Over Syrian 'Fire'

Spot Gold Up after 'Margin Calls' as Investors Await Trump's Spending Plan and Inflation Data

Dollar Up, Gold Prices Dip, Silver Betting -29% Ahead of Fed, Jobs Data

Gold Price Steady as US Government Shutdown Hits Dollar, Platinum Bulls Jump

Gold Jumps vs. Sinking Dollar But Weak Demand for Bars, Comex Leads as India-Pakistan Nuclear Tensions Worsen

Platinum Price Jumps After Hedge Funds Go Short, Gold 'Depressed' by Trump Tax and Bitcoin

Gold Prices Down, Bitcoin 'Bubble' Up with Stocks + Dollar on Trump's Tax Plan

Gold Buying Price Near $1300 on 'Cyber Monday' as Dollar Hits 2-Month Low, 'Fraud Bubble' Bitcoin Jumps

Gold Prices Bounce from Comex Sell-Off as Fed Looks to 3x Rate Hikes in 2018

Gold Prices Slip in Big Week for Central-Bank Policy, Trump Campaign Managers Arrested

Gold Prices Subdued Despite Re-emerged Geopolitical Tensions and Indian Festivals

Gold Prices Fall after Merkel's Re-Election in German Election

Stocks & Bond Yields Up, Gold Prices Down with Silver After 12-Month Record Comex Position

Gold Prices Drop 0.5% After Comex Net Long Doubles 10-Year Average But Irma + N.Korea Risks Recede

N.Korea Nuclear Test Sees Gold Price Hit 11-Month High vs. Weak Dollar, GLD + Comex Bets Jump

Gold Prices 'Could Remain Above $1300 for Some Time' Despite Revised US Growth Figures and Gaining Dollar

Gold Prices Advance towards Resistance on Weak Dollar and Cautious FOMC Minutes, Palladium Hits 16-Year High

Gold Prices Drop $10 from 'Cusp of Nuclear War' Peak, BTC Breaks $4,000

Gold Price Flat After US Jobs Shock, 'Risk Aversion Missing' as N.Korea Condemns UN Nuclear Sanctions

GST Drives Indian Gold Buying to Dubai

Gold Price Hits 4-Week High vs Dollar as Spicer Quits, IMF Cuts US Growth, Fed Looms

Japan's Gold Smuggling Jumps Again

US Gold Investing Sinks 92%, Euro Price Hits 16-Month Low Amid Stock Market's 'Daily Bull Market'

Gold Price Hits 1-Month Low as En Marche! Wins France, Fed Chiefs Speak, UK Starts 'Hardest Talks Ever'

Gold Mining 'Set to Decline' But Aussie Exploration Rebounds

Gold Prices Rise Ahead of Fed Meeting While British Business Confidence Falls 'Through the Floor' after UK Election

Gold Prices in Sterling Climb to 7-Week High while Pound Crashes to 7-Month Low as Prime Minister Theresa May's Gamble Backfires

'Major Surplus' in Silver but Price Seen +7% in 2017

Gold Price $1280, Silver Bears Turn Tail as 'Anemic' Inflation Hits US Fed Rate Outlook

Gold Unmoved as Silver Prices Hit 3-Week High, Trump Sees Dollar Sink Again

Platinum Price Jumps 1.8% as Hedge Funds Go Short, Oil Gains, Dollar Falls

Macron's Win See Equities Fall, Gold Price Rally, Silver Hit by Heaviest Comex Cut Since 2015

Gold Price Sinks as 'Markets Favorite' Macron Beats Anti-Euro Le Pen in France's 1st Round

Gold Prices Drop $20 from 5-Month 'Geopolitics' High as Silver ETF Shrinks, Comex Speculation Nears Record

Gold Prices Slip, Silver Comex Bets Jump Ahead of Trump-Xi Meeting

2-Week High in Gold Price as G20 Drops 'Free Trade', UK Names Brexit Date, Big Russian Build-Up in Crimea

Gold Prices Hold 'Psychological $1200' as US Fed Decision Trumps Brexit, Dutch Election

Gold Prices Above 3-Week Low on North Korea Missile Test, 85% Fed Rate-Rise Odds

'Momentum Traders' Keep Gold Prices Near 3-Month High Ahead of Trump, Yellen Speeches

Gold Prices 'Muted' with Comex Bulls Ahead of US Fed Speeches on Rates

Gold Prices Fall amid Dollar Strengthening Following Smooth US-Japan Summit, Silver Touched New 3-Month High before Fed’s Yellen Speech

Gold Price Hits $1230, Silver Comex Bets Jump, as France's Le Pen + Ukraine 'Add to Trump Risk' on Iran

'Trumpflation' Bets See Dollar Up, Gold Hit 5-Month Low as Bonds Drop, Copper Gains on Fed Rate-Hike Outlook

Gold Prices Sink Below $1300 as FBI Move 'Means Clinton Wins', Stocks Jump

Gold Prices Firm, Silver Near 4-Week High But Clinton-FBI Boost 'May Not Last'

Gold Prices Rise After GLD Shrinks Fastest Since 2013 Crash, Comex Specs Back to March

Gold Price Trends 'Downwards' in Short Term, LBMA Launches Consultation for Singapore Gold Price

Gold Prices Steady After Worst 1-Week Drop Since 2014, China's Yuan Cut to 6-Year Low

Gold Prices Trade in Narrow Range while Markets Focus on Easing Deutsche Bank Fears and Pound Slumping Near 3-Decade Low

Gold Prices 'Supported' by Trump-Clinton Debate as Deutsche Bank Sinks, China Risks Grow

Gold Prices 'Volatile', ETF & Comex Bets Shrink as US Fed and Bank of Japan Meet

Gold Prices 'Robust' as Fresh Fed Speech Fears See Bonds, Stocks Drop

Gold Prices Retreat But Could 'Receive Catalyst' from Central Bankers' Meeting in Jackson Hole, Silver Down to Seven-Week Low

Gold Prices Climb as Fed Rate Hike Expectations Recede on Soft Global Economic Data

Gold Prices 'Negative' After US Jobs Data But ETFs Swell Faster Than China's Reserves

Gold Down, Silver Up as Hedge Fund Bets Hit 6th New Record on the Run

Gold Prices Lose Turkey Coup Spike as Equities Gain, Hedge Funds Cut Bets, GLD Shrinks

Gold Prices Hit 2-Week Low as Brexit Odds Shrink to 1-in-4 But Banks Fear Volatility

Gold Prices 'Will Work Lower' Amid US Dollar Uptrend on June Fed Rate-Hike Outlook

Gold Prices Slip After Stronger US Inflation Data, Fed President Comments on Dollar Rate Hikes

Gold Prices Sub-$1270 Despite Hedge Fund Surge as Dollar Rallies, China's Imports Sink

Gold Prices 'Correcting', Comex Silver Bets Hit 2nd Largest Ever Ahead of Fed Decision on Dollar Rates

Gold Prices 'Buoyed' by Failed Opec Oil Cuts, Bullish Silver Bets Hit New Record

Gold Prices Touch 3-Week High on Falling Dollar, 'Restrained US Fed'

Gold Prices 'Consolidate' as ETFs Sell, 'Could Test Support' Below $1200

Gold Prices Gain Sharply after "Definite Shift in Tone" in U.S. Fed Rate Policy and Weaker Dollar

Gold Prices 'Consolidate' as Dollar Bounces Post-Fed from 5-Month Low, Silver Speculation Jumps

Gold Prices 'Could Run to $1300' But Retreat as US Fed Week Begins

Gold Prices Up 20% in 2016 on Euro NIRP, ETF Demand, Comex Betting

Gold Prices 'the Biggest Story of 2016' as Comex Speculators Drive Biggest Jump in 4 Years

China's New Year Return See Gold Prices Face 1st Two-Day Drop in a Month, Shanghai Goes to Discount

Gold Price Jumps to 2013 Crash Low at $1180 as Stockmarkets Sink on Chinese New Year

Gold Price 'Positive', Extends New Year Jump as 'Clumsy' China Sees Manufacturing Shrink

Gold Prices 'Target $1200' Ahead of Fed, 'Paper Shorts' Battle 'Robust Demand, Falling Supply'

India Re-Launches Gold Schemes as Imports Jump

Gold Price Firm Amid 'Risk Off' Turmoil as China Targets Yuan, Crude Oil Falls on Iran News

Gold Down, Silver Up as Hedge Fund Bets Hit 6th New Record on the Run

Gold Prices Prove Solid as Major Chinese Stock Indices Hit their Lowest Level since December

Gold Prices Close to 3-Week High amid Sliding Asian Stock Markets

Record Silver Mining Output 'Negated' by 2014 Drop in Scrap

Gold Prices to 1-Week Low as Safe Haven Demand Falls

Gold Trading Sideways ahead of FOMC Minutes Release

Gold Resilient Amidst Troop Build-up on Ukrainian Border

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