Free Storage & Insurance Offer (up to $48 max.)

You will be eligible for $4 per month of bullion storage & insurance cost-free for up to 12 months when you open an account using this link:

To benefit from this limited offer, you then need to:

  • Deposit 5.000 $ or more (or equivalent in Pounds Sterling or Euros) by midnight 30. Juni 2014;
  • Buy gold or silver (NB: UK SIPPs can hold investment-grade gold, but not silver).

To transfer funds to your BullionVault account follow the deposit instructions.

Terms & Conditions of This Offer

This promotion is valid until midnight GMT 30. Juni 2014. It refers to storage & insurance fees only. You acknowledge that BullionVault's standard terms and conditions apply.

To receive any storage & insurance cost-free under this offer, you must:

Once you have deposited a minimum of 5.000 $ (or equivalent in British Pounds or Euros) before the promotional deadline, you will receive bullion storage & insurance valued at $4 for each month during the offer period that you own gold or silver using BullionVault, up to a maximum of 12 months.

April 2014 will be the first eligible month, and May 2015 will be the last eligible month of the offer period. On expiry of your account's eligibility your costs will revert to the prevailing Tariff.

For each month that your account qualifies, your cash balance will either be charged and then rebated $4 per month, or it will be credited with $4 against your storage & insurance fees. If your storage & insurance fees are higher than $4 in any month during the offer period, you will be charged the difference.

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any promotion, at any time, without notice. Anyone abusing this promotional offer will not be eligible for any rebate or credit under its terms.

For any queries, please contact

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